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Contact JASNA

Thank you for your interest in JASNA.  Please use the contact information below to get in touch with us on a variety of topics.


Member Address Changes
Isa Schaff, boeroisa@gmail.com

US/International Membership Secretary   
Carol Medine Moss, membership@jasna.org

Canadian Membership Secretary
Phyllis Ferguson, pmfb.jasna@gmail.com

Member Portal Assistance


Persuasions Editor
Susan Allen Ford, sford@deltastate.edu

Persuasions Sales and Subscriptions
Haley Walters, PubSecretary@jasna.org

JASNA News Editor
Susan Wampler, jasnanews@gmail.com

Book Review Editor
Sue Parrill, sparrill@bellsouth.net


JASNA Treasurer
Vicki Petersen, jasna.treasurer@gmail.com

Financial Director 
Laurie Morison, jasna.treasurer@gmail.com

Essay Contest

Essay Contest Chair
Meg Levin, essay-contest@jasna.org

International Visitor Program

International Visitor Program Chair
Marilyn Francus, chawtonivp@jasna.org


Adam Keuer, webmaster@jasna.org

Other Topics

Email info@jasna.org or call 206-739-6225.

Please include "JASNA" and the topic in your email message subject line.

“For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn?”

Pride and Prejudice